Prof. David Fisher, Professor of Practice & Director, Forensic Science Program, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA Joins IIFSS Mr. Mark Branchflower, Head Fingerprints & Facial Recognition Unit, INTERPOL General Secretariat, Lyon, France delivers Webinar at IIFSS Director, IIFSS delivers lecture to All India Police at BPR&D, Govt of India Training Course on Investigation of Organized Terror Crime Mohammad AlShamsi, Head-Firearms & Toolmarks Section, Dubai Police, conducts a Masterclass at IIFSS Founder & Director, IIFSS Wins Indian Achievers' Award for Excellence in Education - 2020 Barry Fisher & David Fisher, Authors of the World Famous Book Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation Speak at IIFSS Talks Web Series IIFSS's launches Free Webinar Series! The First Training Workshop on Investigative Journalism in Asia & Middle East, organized by IIFSS, India, has been Re-scheduled! IIFSS, India ties up with Cambridge Assessment English Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas, Celebrity Journalist from the Great Britain to Conduct The First Training Workshop on Investigative Journalism in Asia & Middle East, organized by IIFSS, India Admissions Open for December 2019 batch! The Institute will remain closed for Summer Break from June 01, 2019 to June 30, 2019! IIFSS is Now ISO 9001:2015 Certified IIFSS receives permission from Dental Council of India for offering Forensic Odontology Certification Director, IIFSS visits Indian Institute of Drones IIFSS lauches Online Certificate Course in Forensic Investigation International Institute for Forensic & Security Studies launches in India on November 28, 2018!

Event Detail

First International Conference on Maritime & Marine Crime Investigations: Forensics at Sea

9:00 Am Maldives Time - 8:00 Pm Maldives Time

About Conference:

The First International Conference on Maritime & Marine Crime Investigations: Forensics at Sea, is being organized by the International Institute for Forensic & Security Studies, India, from 10th to 12th December 2021 in the very beautiful island country of the Republic of Maldives.

This conference would be held in both On-ground and Online Mode.

Due to COVID-19 regulations, the On-ground conference would be restricted to 50 Registrants only, and rest of the interested attendees from world over would have the option of joining the Conference entirely Online.

This Conference would see Speakers from all around the world, having an expertise in Maritime & Marine Crime Investigations, Maritime & Marine/Underwater Forensic Analysis & Underwater Crime Scene Investigation, Maritime or Marine Accidents/Disaster Investigation, and, Maritime & Marine Security.

Maritime and Marine words have very often been used hand in hand, overlapping with each other a lot of times, basically including everything that has to do with the Water world around us; both water surface and underwater. Maritime Crime involves threats to human life at sea, and financial loss casued to merchant/other ships, and related businesses/commercial/trade activities. From human tracfficking and illegal entry via sea route to smuggling of drugs/firearms/other items and armed robberies, from marine accidents, ship wrecks, and oil spills to fire incidents at sea, from terrorist activties, transnational/international crimes to piracy at sea, all fall under the domain of Maritime Crimes. On the other hand, Marine Crime includes criminal activities related to all of kinds of marine life; marine mammals, fishes, coral reefs, underwater plants/vegetation, etc., and the marine environment, caused from pollution / environmental hazards, illegal fishing / killing and selling of endangered / protected / exotic species of marine animals & plants, exploitation of deep sea resources and man-made or artificial disasters causing loss of marine life.

Marine Crimes fall under the broader domain of Environmental Crimes and a lot of times under the sub-domain of Wildlife Crimes, and is dealt/investigated by Marine Police, Marine/Environmental Scientists, Marine Biologists, Conservation Experts, Environmental/Wildlife Forensic Experts, Professional Divers, Underwater Crime Scene Experts, and so on, whereas, Maritime Crime Investigation and Security are managed by a Country's Defense Personnel/Navy, National/State Coast Guards, Marine Corps, Customs & Immigration Department, Marine Accident Investigators, Disaster Management Authorities, and other such agencies.

The importance of marine life & maritime borders is indicated from the fact that about 71% of of the entire Earth is covered by Water and our Oceans and Seas contribute to approximately 97% of it all [1]. Water is not only important for life/survival on Earth but Oceans and Marine life also help in maintaining natural ecological balance on the planet. Since ancient times until today water ways have also been very widely used as a means of overseas travel and trade activities, thereby giving rise to related criminal activities. Therefore it has become imperative to acknowledge the importance of crime and forensic investigation in such a globally important but less explored area.

The objective of this Conference is to provide a Comprehensive Global Forum for experts and participants from academia, law enforcement, defense, customs/immigration, disaster management, fisheries & oceans deptt, climate change & environment protection agencies, pollution control boards, merchant navy, international & homeland security, marine/environmental/wildlife/forensic sciences and various other scientific/non-scientific fields to share knowedge and exchange ideas about the past, pesent and future scenario in the area of Maritime & Marine Crime Investigations; including but not limited to forensic analysis, issues faced by law enforcement agencies and involved marine & maritime experts in successful crime investigation, and newer & upcoming means of investigations & security technologies.

This 03-days long Conference will offer the particpants an opportunity to learn from Invited Talks, Keynote Speeches, Panel Disussion, Interview and Workshop; to be delivered by highly honored and widely acclaimed experts from around the globe, attend to Scientific / Research / Patent / Technical Presentations [Oral/Poster], and indulge in Outdoor Field Visits & Activities; Marine Laboratory / Conservation Site visit, Local Forensic Laboratory visit, Underwater Marine Life exploration, Participation in Marine Conservation efforts, and others.

Outdoor Visits, Field Trips, Underwater Activities would be limited to On-Ground Participants only, whereas other Sessions would be Open to all (both Virtual & On-Ground participants). Please Download Draft Agenda (for both On-ground & Virtual participation) & On-ground Itinerary available on this page for more information [Use 'Download File' link below].

Kindy Note: The 'Workshop on Underwater Forensics' would now be conducted in 'Virtual' mode only, and is 'Open to Limited Participants' (including both on-ground and online). 'Separate Certificate' would be provided to workshop attendees. Please reach out to us via email to: [email protected] with a copy marked to [email protected] should you wish to attend this workshop. 'Separate Fee' of INR 1000/- [Indian Rupees One Thousand only] needs to be paid for attending this workshop by those otherwise eligible for 'Free' conference participation or those willing to attend exclusively this 'Workshop on Underwater Forensics (not the rest of the conference)'. For all others attending online or on-ground, workhop fee is included in applicable conference fee. However, separate registration via email is expected from all willing to attend, in order to obtain 'Link to Join Online Workshop' and be eligible to obtain separate 'Workshop Certificate'.

This Conference would also be followed by IIFSS's First International Working Group Meeting on Maritime & Marine Crime Investigations [open exclusively to working group members only], to be held On-Ground in the Republic of Maldives.

So, if you are really willing to soak yourselves in some hardcore scientific education and knowledge about investgations in the water world, please go ahead and register yourselves for this one of a kind, very unique international conference.


For Virtual Participation:

This Conference is Free for 'Virtual' attendance for Full Time Students / Researchers (registering until a particular deadline). Although other Working/Non-Working/Retired Professionals are required to pay a very nominal Fee for Virtual participation. Virtual Participation Fee remains the same for all participants from within & outside India. See details below.


A. Current Full Time Students / Researchers – Free [Limited Number], if registering until Saturday-October 02, 2021, after which a Conference Fee of INR 1500/- [Indian Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred only] per Student / Researcher would be charged.

B. Members of IIFSS / Conference Committee Members / IIFSS Staff / Working Group Members / Conference Speakers / Conference Partners* & Sponsors* – Free

C. Academicians / Scientists / Government Employees – INR 3000/- [Indian Rupees Three Thousand only]

D. Other Professionals – INR 4500/- [Indian Rupees Four Thousand Five Hundred only]

E.  Private Companies / Vendors – INR 6000/- [Indian Rupees Six Thousand only]

F. Separate Fee for Participation in 'Virtual Workshop on Underwater Forensics' [applicable to those attending Free Conference and those willing to exclusively participate in the Workshop (only) & not the rest of the Conference] - INR 1000/- [Indian Rupees One Thousand only]. This includes all categories; students, academicians, scientists, government or non-government professionals, international/national participants, staff & members of IIFSS, speakers, partners, sponsors, etc. All Paid Conference Registrants (all categories, including those paying special applicable group fee); attending both Online & On-ground, 'DO NOT' need to pay separate fee (of INR 1000/-) towards this workshop. However, they still need to register separately via email (as mentioned above).


Important Deadlines:

Early Bird Deadline for Students / Researchers to Enrol for Virtual Conference – No Fee Payment required:  Saturday-October 02, 2021 [Early registration recommended as free spots are limited].

Final Deadline for Working / Retired / Non-Working Professionals, Companies, Vendors, or Others to Enrol / Register for Virtual Conference along with Full Fee Payment: Monday-November 29, 2021.

Final Deadline for Students / Researchers to Enrol for Virtual Conference along with Prescribed Fee Payment: Monday-November 29, 2021.

Kindly Note**: Special Fee amount may be offered and applicable to large number / group of participants from any particular organization/institution/company willing to attend this virtual conference.

To 'Enrol for Virtual Participation', potential Virtual Attendees need to go to 'Enrol Now' tab on this page and Register themselves. It is mandatory to duly complete the Online Enrolment Form and attach Proof of category you are enrolling under [Valid Student ID / Employee ID]. Incomplete Forms or without required details/attachments would not be accepted and may be liable for rejection.

Virtual Participation is Open to a maximum of 500 attendees, subject to registration deadlines (stated above). Fee Submission details would be shared (via email) after receiving duly completed Online Enrolment Form & attachments. Enrolments would only be confirmed after full Fee payment is received by IIFSS, India.


For On-Ground Participation:

Those interested in travelling to the divinely gorgeous country of hundreds of scattered islands - the Republic of Maldives, and experiencing the white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters of this heavenly piece of land floating in the Indian Ocean, observing marine life issues & investigation (simulated) from a close distance; both over & underwater, and beating some post COVID lockdown blues are very welcome to join us On-ground in the Republic of Maldives for this Conference.

Please email: [email protected] AND / OR [email protected] to obtain 'Information Brochure' & 'Registration Form' for On-ground Participation.

Please Note: On-Ground Participation is restricted to a maximum of 50 participants only, and is on a first come basis; subject to registration deadlines. See Deadlines in the provided Registration Form.


For Poster/Oral/Research Presentations:

We are also cordially inviting Abstract submissions from those interested in making a Poster/Oral presentation at this global conference. 'Call for Abstracts / Abstract Submission Guidelines towards Poster/Oral Presentations' is Now available for download from the 'Bulletin Board' on our website's homepage (see: There is No Fee required for Abstract Submission or participating in Poster/Oral Presentation. Selected Abstracts would be informed via email by our office and would automatically enter into the 'Best Poster/Oral Presentation Competition' being organized by IIFSS, India parallel to this Conference. Poster/Oral Presentation Sessions are being organized on all three days of the Conference; Friday-10th December 2021 to Sunday-12th December 2021. See 'Draft Agenda' available for download on this page (Click on 'Download File' link below) for tentative schedule [Draft Agenda may be subject to changes]. Posters can now be presented On-ground as well as Online/Virtually. For those willing to attend on-ground, please refer On-ground Participation information provided above.

Final Deadline for Abstract Submission is now extended to Monday-November 01, 2021.


For Technical/Company Presentations:   

Companies/Vendors interested in presenting their products & company at the conference during one of the technical presentation sessions; whether Online or On-ground, please reach out to us via email to [email protected]


For Scientific Invention/Patent Presentations:

Scientists / Researchers interested in presenting their inventions / registered patents at the conference during one of the scientific presentation sessions; whether Online or On-ground, please reach out to us via email to [email protected]


For Invited Speakers:

Participation as a Speaker at the Conference is by Invitation only! Please reach out to us via email to: [email protected] in case you wish to deliver a talk at the conference [subject to availability of time slots].

Kindly note that there is No Speaker Registration Fee being charged from Invited Speakers for this Conference.

Unfortunately, IIFSS, India is unable to offer any funding/sponsorship towards logistical arrangements for on-ground participation in this conference to the Invited Speakers & other Participants. You may have to self sponsor your participation or obtain travel/conference grant/sponsorship from your respective employer/govt department, as may be the case. Those needing official letter of invitation from the conference organizers for seeking grant/sponsorship from their respective department/employer towards their participation in this conference, please reach out to the Conference Chairperson & Director, IIFSS via email to: [email protected].

There is also 'NO Conference Registration Fee' for Invited Speakers*** of the Conference willing to attend the entire conference Online or On-ground. However separate charges towards 'Working Lunches, Coffee Breaks & Networking Dinner' would have to be paid by all invited speakers attending the conference On-ground.

The current list of Speakers & Title of Talks is available for download on this page. Kindly refer Draft Agenda for the same.

For Conference Partners/Sponsors/Advertisers: Those interested in becoming conference partners and/or sponsors, and/or those willing to advertise in the conference proceedings & abstracts e-book, including companies interested in presenting their products at this international conference and needing available slots for technical presentations are welcome to reach out to the conference committee at [email protected] or [email protected]


Please keep checking this webpage from time to time for conference updates!


We keenly look forward to your registrations and having you with us Virtually or On-ground in the Maldives!


Happy Conferencing!




* In case of Conference Partners & Sponsors: Limited number of staff/members may be allowed 'Free' participation in the Online Conference from the partnering/sponsoring organization/institution/company. Special Fee may be applicable for any Additional Members.

** Amount charged may vary according to total number of group participants, organization/institution/company & country.

*** Invited Speakers eligible for 'NO CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FEE' exclude those coming for Poster/Oral/Research Presentations, Technical/Company Presentations, Scientific Invention/Patent Presentations and Members of Panel Discussion. Special Registration Charges are applicable for these categories.


  • Start: 9:00 Am Maldives Time
  • End: 8:00 Pm Maldives Time
  • Cost: Varies
  • Event Categories: Conference,
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To be Announced